Sloane Calder was born & raised in Georgia, growing up in the suburbs of Atlanta before heading to the country where she very quickly discovered that she was a city slicker.

She’s seen a lot of college and is still a loyal Bulldog and a Buckeye, thankful to have paid off those students loans for those business degrees she’s no longer using.  But she’s a hell of a spreadsheet maven, which has proven useful for extensive character files and plotting for her books.

She’s been a bean-counter for transformers (not the cool kind), paint ovens and lingerie before becoming a marketer for baked goods, mincemeat, soft drinks and fertilizer.  

More work in high tech finally led her to unleash that suppressed creativity and write the book that wanted out of her head.  So she dropped out of the corporate world, is busy raising some cute little redheads, and has a husband straight out of a romance novel.

She calls herself a Texan now, although they don’t serve enough grits, fried chicken or boiled peanuts there, so she gets back to Georgia when she can.

An avid reader all her life (yes, her mother used to tell her to stop reading and go watch television), she still thinks there’s no better escape than a good book, especially if hot heroes and superpowers are involved.

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